Welcome to The Wandering Buddha, a safe space for all bodies to practice yoga.

Yoga is accessible for every body, no matter who you are or where you are at with your practice.

From working on building confidence in yourself and your asana practice, to expanding your cosmic awareness through Breath and Kriya, The Wandering Buddha can assist you to heal, transform and grow towards your highest self.

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Upcoming Classes

Peaceful Warrior – A Breath Practice

Sunday 20th December3pm GMT

60 minutes – £4

We will explore our inner energy, our chi, through breathwork inspired by Tai Chi, and powerful kriyas called warrior breaths.

Not only will we balance our calming and active energy, these breath practices are extremely beneficial towards reducing stress and keeping the respiratory system healthy and happy.

Our ultimate intention is to learn that our inner warrior is found through strength and through softness.

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